Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet the STARS of this show


     They are compete and total opposites. E is my serious, often brooding, intellectual, sweetheart. N is my crazy, free-spirit, loving, mama's boy with a huge imagination. N cannot be bothered to read the directions, while E tends to always play by the rules. This is not to say that E doesn't love to laugh, and that N cannot be calm when something is important to him, but only that when they are being their truest, unguarded, happiest selves, you will often find E reading or searching out answers to one of his endless questions, and N is running around being a superhero or making up stories about cowboys who live in trees. They are almost two sides to a single coin. Brothers who are complete opposites, but are deeply bonded through the unconditional love of  young brotherhood. The love that means that even though you might not always "like" a person, you do, however, and always will love them.  And I am incredibly lucky. I get to be their mom.  :) 

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